The ELCTRC: Emercive compilation coherent, dark, foreboding


Excerpt from Converge and Cohere, by Nick Dumont for The ELCTRC:

March 27, 2018 -- The greatest musical albums are comprised of songs that don't just sound good – they also sound the same.

Or, at least, they have the same tone, atmosphere and feeling, resulting in beautiful coherence. A release's tracks are different pieces of the same organism, exemplifying its overall life and character in different ways.

It's difficult enough for a solo artist to achieve coherence. For a group of musicians creating a compilation of their work, it's almost impossible.

Yet, Converge Vol. 1, the first release for electronic music label EMERCIVE, succeeds, crafting a dark and foreboding soundscape by integrating the sounds of five artists.

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Garrett Finn