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Emercive (pronounced 'immersive') is a North American, not-for-profit, independent record label founded in 2018. With the values of open-ended originality and boundless creativity at its core, Emercive was designed to serve as the synapse at which rising artists share their music and ideas across a narrowed gap to new and expanding audiences.

We don't want you to listen to our music - we want you to experience it.


A Symbiotic Relationship:

Emercive was created with a vision to prioritize the heart and soul of any respectable record label - the artist. While the music industry is factually that, an industry, we set out to preserve the original motives and intrinsic values in the art of music making and performance. We are opening our doors as a meeting place for audiences to discover and share the works of new or familiar artists  included both on our releases and otherwise.

To grow a tree from a sapling, it needs water, sunlight, air, and soil; to grow an artist, they need tools, time, and space in which to create. It’s that simple. This is why Emercive was designed as a not-for-profit record label. We aim to keep resources in the hands of the creators so they can do more of what they love, and in turn, continue to fill the world with the music that brought us all here to begin with. 

Emercive is truly a home built for artists, by artists.


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Want to drop us a track?

At Emercive, many factors are considered when adding to our label family. Every track we receive is heard, but we ask that you submit only completed, original music.

Note: We are currently not accepting collaborative works or remixes; songs with substantial vocal elements (full lyrics) must use original vocal recordings original to the track(s) itself, i.e., may not be direct takes from sample libraries. If you are unsure about our guidelines, please feel welcome to ask us a question via the ‘General Inquiries’ link below.


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Please do not send promo or demo tracks through email. Demos will only be considered via our submission platform above.

 General Inquiries

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