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Letters to Myself

Catalogue: EMRCV017

Release: 07.D5.2019

Artist(s): ASHE

Type: EP

Tracks: 03


Despite common perceptions and outward appearances, often the reality or truth of the matter beneath may differ. 'Letters to Myself' marks Canadian producer ASHE's debut EP on Emercive - an elemental dissertation drawing nature, space, and technology into forethought. 'Semblance' opens the record with a an elevated mood, carried lightly by euphoric melodies and jubilant percussion, utilizing classic dance breaks within a world of orchestral beauty. The second and titular track 'Letters to Myself' rises from a left-behind depth of broken resolve - a reflective downtempo glimpse into 'what-could-have-been' relationships, and finding peace in moving onward. 'Bachman's Sparrow' brings this artful record to closure in melodic symphony, closing a loop from past to present as intricate mechanical strokes of piano fade to a future of electrical modulation and machinery.

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Catalogue: EMRCV016

Release: 06.14.2019

Artist(s): Sole Vale & Bad Disk

Type: Single

Tracks: 01


The peak hour pumping of 'Dissonance' evokes a transcontinental blending of styles, meeting Canada's techno-driven Sole Vale with the electro house influence of South Africa's Bad Disk. This collaborative single marks the return of Sole Vale to Emercive, following-up his track 'Nightfall' which was included on the chart-topping 'Converge, Vol. 2' compilation album, as well as Bad Disk's debut release on the independent label.



Catalogue: EMRCV015

Release: 05.31.2019

Artist(s): Kiro

Type: Single

Tracks: 01


In the namesake of the jackal-headed Egyptian god of the afterlife, Kiro returns with the energetic electro house single that is 'Anubis'. Kiro's prior release with Emercive, 'Reflection', was featured as the closing track on the independent label's 'Converge, Vol. 2' compilation album, and directly secured the Beatport #1 peak position in the category of Top 100 Indie Dance / Nu Disco releases as the album’s lone representation within the genre.

anubis yt.jpg


Catalogue: EMRCV014

Release: 03.22.2019

Artist(s): Rhyot

Type: Single

Tracks: 01


In a fit of brooding nostalgia, Rhyot returns with 'Incurable', a deeply inspired electro house single with the energetic elements that helped to shape and define an era in mainstage dance music. Distorted analogue basslines burn through bit-reduced percussive elements, carried by a mechanical vocal mantra, driving human sensory input to fault.

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Catalogue: EMRCV013

Release: 02.22.2019

Artist(s): SLAYDE & Sysdemes

Type: Single

Tracks: 01


Nature's perfection is its imperfection, embodied by the chopped and faulted collaboration between Emercive newcomer SLAYDE and label veteran Sysdemes in 'Fluidity.' Amalgamating various stylistic elements of glitchy lo-fi electronica, melodic techno, and the organic sounds of a forested soundscape, this vibrational single constructs a powerfully balanced environment, returning machines to the Earth from whence they came.



Catalogue: EMRCV012

Release: 02.08.2019

Artist(s): D.O & Bad Eye

Type: Single

Tracks: 01


D.O and Bad Eye combine the depths of their music talents in the collaborative masterpiece, 'Atlantica'. This progressive house single juxtaposes the finesse and beauty of a melancholic piano melody accompanied by wispy ethereal vocal lines against power-packed rhythmic sections of thunderous techno-inspired percussion driving heavy analogue bass leads and muted synthesized arpeggios.


Converge, Vol. 2

Catalogue: EMRCV011

Release: 10.26.2018

Artist(s): Various Artists (ASHE, Bad Eye, D.O, Doorstep Rebellion, Kiro, LUNR, Rhyot, Sole Vale, Sysdemes, 80M)

Type: LP / Compilation

Tracks: 10

From the individual minds of ten imaginative creators, the auditory world of 'Converge, Vol. 2' is comprised of multiple diverse environments, each of intricate design, yearning to be explored. This second instalment of Emercive's 'Converge' compilation series marks the joint return of all five of the label's initial debut roster, Sysdemes, D.O, Bad Eye, Doorstep Rebellion and Rhyot, alongside the solo-released Sole Vale, and four artists new to the label, LUNR, 80M, ASHE, and Kiro. Discover the soundscape of 'Converge, Vol. 2', and traverse various stylings of house and techno to downtempo electronica.



Catalogue: EMRCV010

Release: 07.27.2018

Artist(s): D.O

Type: Single

Tracks: 01

Somewhere between a shorted circuit and an entire electrical meltdown, Munich's D.O is back with the dark and driving techno single, 'Control'. Gritty and overdriven, this banging after-hours track collides digital personality with modular analogue voltage and results in a powerful yet contained energy, alike a fire raging within the shell of a machine. 

re_companion_cover_art copy.jpg

RE: Companion

Catalogue: EMRCV009

Release: 07.13.2018

Artist(s): 28mm, Chris Simon, Redux Saints, LUNR, Rhyot

Type: EP

Tracks: 04

Driving with the energy of a dark warehouse, 28mm brings his own flavor of techno to Emercive with the 'Companion EP'. This two-track record hangs tightly to classic after-hours percussion and gritty synth shots to recall a hazy nostalgia of the underground, embellished with a trace of humanity in the vocal chops to peek eerily through the mechanisms of the surrounding rhythmic grooves. 

companion_ep_cover_art copy.jpg

Companion ep

Catalogue: EMRCV008

Release: 07.D6.2018

Artist(s): 28mm

Type: EP

Tracks: 02

Driving with the energy of a dark warehouse, 28mm brings his own flavor of techno to Emercive with the 'Companion EP'. This two-track record hangs tightly to classic after-hours percussion and gritty synth shots to recall a hazy nostalgia of the underground, embellished with a trace of humanity in the vocal chops to peek eerily through the mechanisms of the surrounding rhythmic grooves. 



Catalogue: EMRCV007

Release: 06.D1.2018

Artist(s): Sole Vale

Type: EP

Tracks: 02

As the first post-debut addition to the Emercive roster, Sole Vale enters with 'Oblivion', a speaker-burning two-track techno EP packed with ripping bass lines, alluring arpeggios, panning chord stabs, and a dimly lit but deeply detailed atmosphere. The lead track 'Displaced' introduces the world of Sole Vale's musical scene, while 'Desolation' ushers the listener through the total obliteration of it.

Eldritch EP 3000x3000_300.jpg

Eldritch ep

Catalogue: EMRCV006

Release: 05.04.2018

Artist(s): Sysdemes

Type: EP

Tracks: 03

In the namesake of the release title, the Eldritch EP summons a hauntingly different presence from rising electronic music producer, Sysdemes. Within the initial moments of the first track, 'Runes', the dark and sinister tone is set for the remainder of the EP. Rhythmically driven by enveloping, gripping hooks, Sysdemes' signature melodic breaks offer no place to hide from the mounting tension and ghoulish energy.


Giant Pacific

Catalogue: EMRCV005

Release: 04.27.2018

Artist(s): Bad Eye

Type: Single

Tracks: 01

In their first solo release on Emercive, Bad Eye delivers Giant Pacific, a dark and punchy electrohouse monstrosity of a single. Finding refuge in only in the melodic arpeggios and melancholic vocal pads of the break, listeners are slammed by the relentlessly pounding percussion and bass rhythms.



Catalogue: EMRCV004

Release: 04.20.2018

Artist(s): Sysdemes

Type: Single

Tracks: 01

Slowing down the groove in this reflective and melodic progressive tune, Sysdemes returns with Cathedral, a swinging single with a nostalgic analogue overtones.



Catalogue: EMRCV003

Release: 04.13.2018

Artist(s): D.O & Sysdemes

Type: Single

Tracks: 01

In their first Emercive collaboration, D.O and Sysdemes deliver the ethereal progressive scene of Frozen. Light, reflective melodies accented by soft, melancholic vocals carry wistfully through dark and driving analogue basslines in this alluring single.

In September, 2018, Frozen officially crossed the threshold of 50,000 Spotify streams, a label-first achievement.

Emercive_EMRCV002_Rhyot_Army of the Dead_1000x1000_300_EMRCV002.jpg

Army of the Dead

Catalogue: EMRCV002

Release: 04.06.2018

Artist(s): Rhyot

Type: Single

Tracks: 01

Winter winds howl through the frozen northern wasteland as the Army of the Dead march to eviscerate the living. With major support of the single even before release, Rhyot delivers a fantasy-inspired palette of haunting soundscapes and cinematic orchestration, clashing with thunderous rhythms and overdriven analogue instrumentation. 


Converge, Vol. 1

Catalogue: EMRCV001

Release: 03.23.2018

Artist(s): Various Artists (Bad Eye, D.O, Doorstep Rebellion, Rhyot, Sysdemes)

Type: EP / Compilation

Tracks: 05

Converge, Vol. 1 was the first official music release from Emercive Recordings, on March 23, 2018.

Burning synthesizers, quaking percussion, and enveloping atmospheres define Converge Vol. 1, the debut compilation by North American independent electronic music record label, Emercive Recordings. The release features five tracks by various artists spanning progressive, electro, and tech stylings, including 'Insight' by Sysdemes, 'Seven Sixty' by Bad Eye, 'CODA 794' by D.O, 'Cryptomnesia' by Doorstep Rebellion, and 'Meld' by Rhyot. Whether pounding through a dark dance floor or hypnotizing through headphones, the first installment of this new series is sure to leave an impact.