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Letters to Myself

Catalogue: EMRCV017

Release: 07.D5.2019

Artist(s): ASHE

Type: EP

Tracks: 03


Despite common perceptions and outward appearances, often the reality or truth of the matter beneath may differ. 'Letters to Myself' marks Canadian producer ASHE's debut EP on Emercive - an elemental dissertation drawing nature, space, and technology into forethought. 'Semblance' opens the record with a an elevated mood, carried lightly by euphoric melodies and jubilant percussion, utilizing classic dance breaks within a world of orchestral beauty. The second and titular track 'Letters to Myself' rises from a left-behind depth of broken resolve - a reflective downtempo glimpse into 'what-could-have-been' relationships, and finding peace in moving onward. 'Bachman's Sparrow' brings this artful record to closure in melodic symphony, closing a loop from past to present as intricate mechanical strokes of piano fade to a future of electrical modulation and machinery.