Sysdemes Releases 'Eldritch EP' on Emercive


May 04, 2018 -- Emercive Recordings saw its first solo-artist multitrack release on Friday with Sysdemes dropping his Eldritch EP to worldwide marketplaces. In the namesake of the title, the Eldritch EP summons a hauntingly different presence from the rising electronic music producer's previous releases.

Within the initial moments of the first track, 'Runes', the dark and sinister tone is set for the remainder of the EP, carrying through to tracks two and three, 'From Nothing' and 'Data Abstraction', respectively. Rhythmically driven by enveloping, gripping hooks, Sysdemes' signature melodic breaks as recognized from his prior release, Cathedral, offer no place to hide from the mounting tension and ghoulish energy.

The young San Diego based artist has been a frequent subject of current conversation. With a forthcoming mau5trap release of his contest-winning remix of Dom Kane's 'Structures', and with his upcoming live performance debut on June 8th in Los Angeles (alongside two of mau5trap's fresh talent), Sysdemes has been demonstrating what it means to be considered "up-and-coming" talent.

►► Listen / Download: Sysdemes - Eldritch EP

Garrett Finn